Cleaning & Waste Management for Events

Whether you’re simply looking to get the trash off-site and off your mind, or you’re looking to take on an ambitious recycling initiative, Green Event Ninjas has got you covered. We offer a full range of cleaning and waste management services to fit your event’s unique needs.


  • Workflow planning and development of daily run sheets
  • Planning and placement of front-of-house receptacles
  • Contracted hauling of waste, recycling and organics
  • Planning and goal-setting for “green” initiatives (i.e. recycling, organics, etc.)


  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Oversight of cleaning services and teams
  • Cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas (e.g. litter picking, cleaning of portlets, trailers)
  • Maintenance of bins and waste collection throughout event
  • 24-hour site maintenance for multi-day events

Sustainability – Recycling & Organics

If you’re looking to boost your event’s eco-friendly image and move beyond a single-stream waste strategy by introducing a recycling or organics initiative, then Green Event Ninjas is especially qualified to help. We take the following general approach to our waste diversion projects:


Planning and goal-setting for your waste diversion initiative 


Sourcing of appropriate front-of-house waste receptacles


Production of the necessary signage and communications


Direct on-site oversight and implementation of the initiative


Conducting waste audits to accurately assess the diversion rates


Delivery of final report detailing outcomes and recommendations

Our Previous Work

Logo and image of the 2017 Vegan Food and Drink Festival in Toronto and New York

2017 Vegan Food & Drink Festival - Toronto + New York

The 2017 Vegan Food and Drink Festivals in Toronto and New York boasted 12,000+ and 13,000+ attendees each, respectfully, and provided festival goers with a vast selection of fiercely vegan-friendly food, drink and live entertainment options.

Green Event Ninjas managed the festivals’ cleaning and waste management programs from start to finish, introducing a hand-sorted recycling stream for the first time and remaining well under budget for each event.

It turns out they liked our work so much that they have invited us back for all their events in 2018 – Houston, Chicago, Toronto and New York – where we will be rolling out a comprehensive organics/compost diversion initiative!

Logo and image of the 2017 Vegan Food and Drink Festival in Toronto and New York

Convocation at Ryerson University

Green Event Ninjas developed a waste diversion initiative for Ryerson University’s twice annual Convocation ceremonies.

In addition to directly overseeing its implementation on-site (e.g. bin placement, signage, collection), we also completed daily waste audits to understand the success of our initiative. The results of those audits were included in a broader report with recommendations for a campus-wide sustainable events program.

WayHome & Boots and Hearts

Green Event Ninjas was the Sustainability Advisor to BGD Event Services’ successful bid for the cleaning and waste management contract for the two large music/camping festivals in Ontario, Canada (an estimated 40,000 and 35,000 attendees each, respectfully).

Green Event Ninjas then participated in the subsequent planning and on-site implementation of the services, helping to complete the contract ahead of schedule and exceeding the expectations of the client.

Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

Green Event Ninjas’ Founding Ninja, James Watson, was hired by the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games as a Venue Manager for Catering, Cleaning and Waste (CCW).

He was responsible for managing the relationship between the Organizing Committee and the catering and cleaning contractors at two separate venues, ensuring that the Games’ standards of cleanliness and service were maintained.

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