Green Meeting Hashtags

Are you a green event ninja? Here are some green meeting hashtags that can help you stay on top of your game on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Green meeting hashtags

  • #greenmeetings
  • #gmic
  • #sustainablemeetings
  • #hybridevents

Event planning hashtags

  • #eventprofs
  • #bizbash
  • #cmp
  • #mpi
  • #ises
  • #pcma

Sustainability hashtags

  • #sustainability
  • #susty
  • #csr
  • #socent
  • #greenbiz

Green meeting hashtags for an online community of sustainability champions

I believe it’s important for event professionals interested in sustainability to monitor and use these green meeting hashtags. As I explained in a previous post, there’s a small yet active online community of event planners and sustainability practitioners organizing around this green events trend. The more we share and collaborate, the more successful we will all be together in the long run.

Check out these green meeting hashtags for yourself and tell me what you think. You can find me on Google+Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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