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Green Event Cleaning Services – 6 Reasons to Hire the Professionals

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Green Event Cleaning Services

Hosting an event can be a difficult task. From planning the entertainment to the catering, there is definitely a lot to get done. It’s important, however, not to neglect the responsibility of cleaning up properly after the event, and to ensure the cleanup process is planned out as well. And with this environmental impact of […]

Sustainable Event Tip #25 – Providing a Low Emissions Guest Shuttle

Reduce the impact of your attendees’ “last mile” of travel by providing a low emissions guest shuttle.

Often overlooked when planning an event, transportation represents a considerable sustainability impact that should be given its due attention. Now while it is difficult to directly manage all aspects of if, as many attendees will inevitably choose to travel however they do, there are certain key areas that you can influence. The guest shuttle, for instance, is […]

Sustainable Event Tip #24 – Use a Paperless Ticketing System

Sustainable Event Tip #24 - Use a Paperless Ticketing System to Save Money and Go Green

Digital or paperless ticketing is one of the more commonly cited green event ideas and probably something that most event planners are already doing.  For one, it helps to reduce the amount of paper that’s used. Admittedly, this doesn’t have a huge impact compared to other areas of an event, but every little bit does help. Secondly, […]

Sustainable Event Tip #23 – Choose a Certified Green Building as a Venue

Host your event in a certified green building (e.g. LEED, BOMA BESt, Net Zero Energy Building, etc.).

You have probably heard of LEED, the green building certification, before (e.g. “LEED Gold” or “LEED Platinum” ratings) but there are several other green building standards too, like BOMA BEST, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge / Net Zero Energy Building, BREEAM, etc. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your event is a little bit greener is to choose […]

Sustainable Event Tip #21 – Offset Your Emissions for a Carbon Neutral Event

Sustainable Event Tip #21 - Offset Emissions for a Carbon Neutral Event

In a previous post, I spoke about how different areas of an event contribute to its overall carbon footprint. Venue space, food and beverage, marketing materials, transportation; they all produce their own respective greenhouse house gas (GHG) emissions. Now while efforts should be made to reduce GHG emissions in each of those areas to the greatest […]

Sustainable Event Tip #19 – Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits

Sustainable Event Tip #19 – Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits

Attending a large trade show or convention nowadays is a sight to see. Exhibits are larger, bolder, and more creative than they’ve ever been and they can really come together for a great experience. These exhibits do, however, come with their own sustainability impact too, and that impact can be quite substantial. As an event […]

Sustainable Event Tip #17 – Donate Leftover Food

Sustainable Event Tip #17 – Donate Leftover Food

Food and beverages are a significant source of waste at many events. However, since it’s such a faux pas to run out of food at an event, the typical reaction is to order in abundance. As a consequence, much of it goes untouched and then must be disposed at the end of the event. If […]