Sustainable Event Tip #24 – Use a Paperless Ticketing System

Sustainable Event Tip #24 - Use a Paperless Ticketing System to Save Money and Go Green

Digital or paperless ticketing is one of the more commonly cited green event ideas and probably something that most event planners are already doing.  For one, it helps to reduce the amount of paper that’s used. Admittedly, this doesn’t have a huge impact compared to other areas of an event, but every little bit does help. Secondly, and quite importantly, it can save you considerable time and money.

Using hard-copy tickets can be a clumsy process and isn’t necessary for most events. There are a lot of costs involved too. For instance, you have to get all the tickets printed, stuff envelopes, and mail them out. Then there’s the actual check-in process, which can become very cumbersome if you’re relying on lists and there’s no form of digital automation. A paperless ticketing solution, on the other hand, can really speed things up in all areas.

Paperless Ticketing Event Apps

There are so many event apps out there to assist in paperless ticketing that I won’t even bother listing any. Google “paperless registration” or “paperless ticketing” and you’ll surely come up with many options. My point is that with today’s technology, it has never been easier to check off this green event idea.

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