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Rio2016 Olympics: From Sustainable Event Hosting to Long Term Legacies

Overview of event sustainability initiatives at the Rio2016 Summer Olympics

The Rio2016 Summer Olympic Games have just finished with a festive finale. No doubt the Games’ workforce, 50,000 volunteers and the many hosting agencies are exhausted and exhilarated for having delivered the array of competitions, celebrations and cultural events – and all for the first time in South America. Like many visitors, I have a […]

Innovation Is Event Sustainability’s Call-to-Action and a Good Reason for Optimism

Innovation is event sustainability’s call-to-action and a good reason for optimism

I’m halfway through a really great book, The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability, by Paul Hawken. Originally published in 1993, with a revised edition published in 2010, the book presents the harsh reality of a modern economy addicted to unchecked industrial pollution and blind mass consumerism. Now, I do not wish to be a […]

Green Meeting Hashtags

Are you a green event ninja? Here are some green meeting hashtags that can help you stay on top of your game on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Green meeting hashtags #greenmeetings #gmic #sustainablemeetings #hybridevents Event planning hashtags #eventprofs #bizbash #cmp #mpi #ises #pcma Sustainability hashtags #sustainability #susty #csr #socent #greenbiz Green meeting hashtags for an […]

Event Sustainability is not about Love of Nature – it’s BIG Business!

For the love of nature? Yeah right! Event sustainability, like corporate sustainability, is all about business. There are no granola eating, tie-dye wearing, tree hugging hippies in this mix. You see, corporate sustainability is BIG business (click on any of the logos below to be directed to their corporate sustainability website): Large companies like these […]

Event Planning Job Outlook: 44% Growth by 2020

I came across this little statistical gem the other day on the United States Department of Labor’s website: the job outlook for “meeting, convention and event planners” looks great, with a projected 44% increase in employment between 2010 and 2020. When you compare that with the average growth rate for all occupations, at 14%, you can see […]