Event Planning SWOT Analysis

We help event planners build better businesses by being able to organize more sustainable events. Here is a quick SWOT analysis for your event planning business and a look at the green meetings / sustainable events opportunity:


The projected growth rate for the event planning marketplace is significant (e.g. 44% growth in its labor market by 2020). Sustainability is increasing in popularity too (both in the corporate and social spheres).


The overall growth in the events marketplace represents an increased competitive element. New event planners must have a way of differentiating themselves from the competition.


To differentiate your brand by planning green meetings (or sustainable events), all while capitalizing on the increasing popularity of corporate sustainability.


There is a risk that you plan your sustainable events in an unsubstantial and meaningless way; “green washing,” in other words. It’s about a lot more than banning bottled water and going paperless!

The event planning SWOT analysis given above is short, but the idea is to get you thinking. If you have a penchant for “green” or sustainability, why not think about planning events in such a manner?

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