Making a Sustainable Destination of Montréal with Hydroelectric Power

Montreal Skyline

When choosing where to host your event, have you ever thought to consider the nature of the destination city’s source of electricity?

I came across an article the other day that was on a blog dedicated strictly to the topic of sustainable destinations. The blog’s author, Shawna McKinley, was interviewing a featured expert from Tourisme Montréal – Marion Ancel. While describing a range of features that make Montreal a great destination for sustainable events, Ancel explained the nature of the city’s electricity source:

“Montréal can be proud of … a clean energy source provided by 95% hydroelectric power.”

Montréal is located in the Canadian province of Quebec, which has a long history of hydroelectric development in its northern reaches. What this means for venues, caterers, and other event suppliers in Montreal is that their carbon footprint from electricity usage is relatively small compared to vendors in other cities. As a result, an event held in Montreal will automatically have a lower overall carbon footprint. By happy consequence, Montreal is a sustainable destination.

For comparison’s sake, look at the province of Alberta’s energy mix. Its grid is heavy on the carbon, with coal and natural gas power stations producing the bulk of the province’s electricity. Any electricity use in that province, therefore, will have a higher carbon footprint than in Quebec.

There are many things to consider when planning a sustainable event. When armed with the right information, choosing a sustainable destination can be an early and easy victory for the green event planner.

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