Event Sustainability is not about Love of Nature – it’s BIG Business!

For the love of nature? Yeah right! Event sustainability, like corporate sustainability, is all about business. There are no granola eating, tie-dye wearing, tree hugging hippies in this mix. You see, corporate sustainability is BIG business (click on any of the logos below to be directed to their corporate sustainability website): Large companies like these […]

Event Planning SWOT Analysis

We help event planners build better businesses by being able to organize more sustainable events. Here is a quick SWOT analysis for your event planning business and a look at the green meetings / sustainable events opportunity: Strength The projected growth rate for the event planning marketplace is significant (e.g. 44% growth in its labor market […]

Making a Sustainable Destination of Montréal with Hydroelectric Power

When choosing where to host your event, have you ever thought to consider the nature of the destination city’s source of electricity? I came across an article the other day that was on a blog dedicated strictly to the topic of sustainable destinations. The blog’s author, Shawna McKinley, was interviewing a featured expert from Tourisme Montréal – Marion Ancel. […]

Event Planning Job Outlook: 44% Growth by 2020

I came across this little statistical gem the other day on the United States Department of Labor’s website: the job outlook for “meeting, convention and event planners” looks great, with a projected 44% increase in employment between 2010 and 2020. When you compare that with the average growth rate for all occupations, at 14%, you can see […]

Green Meetings Industry – All Together Now! Making Waves

At Green Event Ninjas, we’re new to the green meetings block but we’re confident that we’re going to be making waves. Not the rock the boat, annoy others in the industry kind of waves, but the sweet and harmonious, “all together now!” kind of waves. Seth Godin, the marvellous creative genius we all (should) know […]

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