Sustainable Event Tip #16 – No-Idling Policy During Setup and Breakdown

Sustainable Event Tip #16 - No-Idling Policy for Vehicles during Move-In and Move-Out

For large events like conventions, trade shows, and expos, vendors can have equally large exhibits that need to be delivered to and from a venue by truck. The move-in and move-out periods before and after these events can be chaotic, with several delivery vehicles jostling for position at loading docks and even entering the exhibition hall itself in some cases.

The emissions from all those vehicles can have several negative impacts. For one, the indoor air quality is seriously compromised during these times, making it unhealthy for workers. Furthermore, if vehicles are left idling while being loaded or unloaded, they’re unnecessarily contributing to an event’s overall carbon impact.

To address this, green event planners and sustainable venues alike should introduce a strict “no-idling” policy during the setup and breakdown times of an event. To improve the likelihood that such a policy is followed, it must be clearly communicated to vendors and drivers (e.g. in pre-event communications and with adequate signage around the venue) and warnings or fines should be levied against offenders.

While the emissions from third-party vehicles like this are not normally included in an event’s overall carbon footprint calculation, managing this is the responsible thing to do for the health of workers and the environment. When you’re looking at event sustainability, all of these factors matter.

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