James Watson

ICAO Green Meetings Calculator

ICAO Green Meetings Calculator

Now THIS is an exceptionally great piece of green meeting tech. Have you ever looked at a meeting roster that has attendees flying in from cities across the country or the globe, and wondered whether a better city could have been chosen to reduce all that impact from air travel? Enter the ICAO Green Meetings Calculator. The ICAO Green […]

Sustainable Event Tip #11 – Draft an Event Sustainability Policy

Sustainable Event Tip #11

Developing an event sustainability policy is an integral piece of the sustainable event planning puzzle. Without one, your efforts risk being nothing more than good intentions. With one, you’re setting yourself up for success by arming yourself with a clear vision, goals, and commitments for holding yourself and others accountable. In terms of complexity, your policy may […]

Sustainable Event Tip #8 – Chinaware, Cutlery & Cups

Sustainable Event Tip #8

At Green Event Ninjas, we believe that the most sustainable form of food service uses reusable chinaware, cutlery, and cups. This greatly reduces the amount of waste destined for the landfill generated by an event and allows for the organizer to properly divert organic waste that is uncontaminated with plastic and other materials. This contamination […]

Sustainable Event Tip #6 – Sustainable Hotel Accommodations

Sustainable Event Tip #6 - Sustainable Hotel Accommodations

For multi-day conferences and conventions, or any large event where your guests will be travelling in from great distances, the sustainability merit of the hotels that they stay at will factor into the event’s overall impact. As an organizer, you can address this by encouraging your guests to stay at hotels that demonstrate an explicit commitment […]